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Event ID: MC140782

03rd Feb 2020 - 04th Oct 2020

Conference Start Date: 03rd Feb 2020

Conference End Date: 04th Oct 2020

Event Type: Conference

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Deadline for Abstract/Paper Submissions: 05th Dec 2019

Event Organizer: International Inspiration Economy Project IIEP

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Conference Venue : Manama --,   Bahrain

Conference Details : The development of humans’ capacity and their ability to create a differentiated impact is becoming a must as we face the challenge of too much dependency of artificial intelligence to control all our current socio-economic problems and even defining the meanings of life. Humans still have considerable opportunities to lead in creating impacts and legacies that would inspire our fellow human beings or their communities. In this 1st international scientific conference for the Bahrain Inspiration Economy Society IES and in collaboration with the International Inspiration Economy Project IIEP the focus would be on how to continue to inspire our socio-economics and even create a differentiated impact through exploring opportunities in the problems that our organisations and communities. Thus, one of the main objectives of this gathering is to share and invest in knowledge that brings in solutions based on our ‘sustainable wealth’ regardless of crises or challenges we face. This objective will raise the level of our resilience and even trigger far better community creativity, in light of the changes that are increasing globally. The dimensions and themes of the conference have been deliberately developed to take into account all global, societal and technical variables, and how to turn them to be sources for discovering ‘hidden exploring’. This would be supported by methodologies and tools about communities’ problems-solving, systems thinking, gamification, and other gadgets that would rejuvenate our capacity to achieve the inspiring impact we aspire to leave on around in this life. The Inspiration Economy Scientific Conference IESC 2020 comes to address the societal deficiency in the concept and methodologies of the creation of impact and legacy; especially in times of increasing polarisations in the world in general. The sessions in the conference would help the delegates to indulge in pursuing new approaches towards dealing the adverse effects of capitalist economy and globalisation, which has distanced all social parties from the meanings of the quality of real life.

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