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Event ID: MC167094

18th Dec 2020 - 20th Dec 2020

Conference Start Date: 18th Dec 2020

Conference End Date: 20th Dec 2020

Event Type: Conference

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Deadline for Abstract/Paper Submissions: 30th Sep 2020

Event Organizer: IVVRF

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Conference Venue : Indore Madhaya Pradesh,   India

Conference Details : Mother Earth has been suffering from the over exposure of the hazardous situations polluting its land, water and air, The basic elements necessary for life on earth. Man is very busy probing the energies of nature and using it to destroy the positive balance of his own existence on earth. The cat race of Revolutionary developments marking the status of developing countries has become a source of major destruction. The energies of nature provide us environmental for living. Any interference with this balance will disturb life on earth.” We are just visitor on this planet, we must respect it and leave without destroying it for our generations to come.” The environmental situations are getting worse day by day. Micro to macro climate is polluted resulting into increase in new viruses and disease rates, global climate issues, ecological imbalance created by intrusion of man and machinery, nuclear developments creating situations of violence and war. The more man is running to conquer nature, the more there is gap developing between the two, Nature does not need man to live, But man needs nature to live. To protect life on earth, man has to understand and respect the laws of nature. The theme and Sub Themes of the conference covers the issue related to tackle the complexity of developments intruding the environment. Researches in the field of vastu science and development of instrumentation to measure and analyse the energy system will be presented by experts working to bridge the gap between man and nature.

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