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03rd Dec 2020 - 11th Dec 2020

Conference Start Date: 03rd Dec 2020

Conference End Date: 11th Dec 2020

Event Type: Conference

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Deadline for Abstract/Paper Submissions: 31st Mar 2020

Event Organizer: The Grassroots Institute

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Conference Venue : Mumbai Maharashtra,   India

Conference Details : To build the capacities of teachers, researchers, students, government officers, practitioners and scholars, we propose to organize a 9-days “International Participatory Academy on Natural Resource Management and Governance” on 3-11 December 2020 in Mumbai India. This program will be conducted for international participants in English language covering the contemporary current topics on the following broadest areas: Unit.1: Understanding Natural Resources, Production Systems and Society; Unit.2: Sustainable Natural Resource Management; Unit.3: Governance of Natural Resources. This program is being organized in partnership of large number of universities, institutions and medium & small organizations from all over the world. Elaborated details of our program can be seen on dedicated website www.grassrootsglobal.net Speciality of the Program IPA 2020 This international training program is a hybrid of training and symposium modes. It will consist of moderation and facilitation by the Moderator Faculties side by side the short lectures by Faculty Speakers. The participants or delegates will not act as mute listeners or learners, but they will be given at least 50% time to speak and present their papers and articles through oral presentations using appropriate audio-visual aids. Such a hybrid combination model of capacity building in scientific domains rarely exist. Unlike conventional conferences, symposia or seminars, this innovative program will NOT conduct parallel sessions; instead, all sessions will operate in one lectureconference hall where all participantsdelegates will listen and attend all faculty members and all delegateparticipant speakers. Objectives and Purpose of the Program IPA 2020 The International Participatory Academy is to examine the linkages between development and natural resources, principles of managing natural resources, and governing the resources for sustainable conservation. Depicting on case studies from a wide range of the current natural resource across the globe, the course considers how different social, political, economic and cultural and gender aspects compete for and sustain the natural resources. The course also examines how environmental activists and their interventions conserved parks, energy, water and land in the face of climate variability basing on a gender perspective. The course program will consider how the current international and development system elaborates and processes to sustainably manage the available natural resources. The course aims at equipping researchers, students, practitioners and teachers seeking qualifications for planning sustainable development, with practical approaches, knowledge and skills necessary for meeting challenges of sustainable use of natural resources globally. The course takes place by streamlining a fine and competent expertise of European, North American, Asian and African professors and NGO practitioners and professional organizations. Eligibility The International Participatory Academy on Natural Resource Management & Governance is specifically designed for the following: • Universitycollege teachers • PhD students • Research scholars • Field practitioners • NGO or corporate executives • Other having interests with adequate experience and exposure. Potential participants may have education in the subjects like Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Geography, Anthropology, Conservation ScienceBiology, Agriculture, Forestry, HumanGlobal Ecology, Natural Resource Management, Wildlife ScienceBiology, Water Science or Engineering, Animal Science, Sociology, Rural Development, Tourism, Law, Sustainable Development, Plant Science, Geoscience, Environmental Ethics, Political ScienceEcology, Economics, Environmental Policy & Law, International Law, Indigenous or Human Rights, Public Administration, Public Policy, Governance, or any other related subject. Potential participants should have studied minimum Bachelor’s degree to apply. However, applicants having studied Master’s degree will be preferred. In case anybody has a confusion regarding the eligibility of hisher qualification is welcomed to consult us before applying. Duration and Location 3 – 11 December 2020. The program is proposed to take place in Mumbai city of India. See website for the deadline for applying. Training Methodology Our training programs combine the latest developments in a specific field or sector with the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences with professionals from all over the world. The trainings are interactive, and experience based. Our faculty members use a variety of formats: lectures, case storiesstudies, group discussions, group works and analytical tools. Participants develop individual Action Plan, in which they integrate all training topics and relate them to the reality of the participants’ field situations. So, in nutshell the following are the features of our trainings: 1. Participatory learning methodologies 2. Substantive reflections of participants own personal capacities 3. Group deliberation and experiential activities 4. Handouts and reading materials Participation Procedure and How to Register There are two distinct categories of potential participants or delegates: A Participant Speakers – These delegates will not only attend the program to learn but also present their papers or articles based on their original research or review or analysis. The participant speakers will have to submit their ABSTRACTS within the Registration Form. This Abstract should be between minimum 300 words and maximum 1000 words. Abstract should relate to any related topic given in Program Plan. Your topic may differ from the topics given in Program Plan but should be within broader frame of major head. It is advisable to prepare the Abstract in MS Word prior to initiating the online Registration process. B Participant Learners – These delegates will attend the program and learn by attending the sessions. They will not present any paper or article. Hence, they are not required to submit any Abstract. Because there is NO specific Selection Committee, there will be direct admission to the program. Therefore, registration will be direct admission to the program. This hybrid innovative program will have 100 seats only. The admissions registration will be on “First Come First Served” basis. Therefore, early registrations are encouraged. Travel Scholarships We are organizing the International Participatory Academy for the benefit of students and scholars. There is no motif of raising our incomes behind organizing this program. Therefore, for this program there is NO COURSE FEE to be charged except the Registration Fee. To enable the deserving candidates to participate the program, we will offer some Travel Scholarships. The costs of international travel andor local travel will be covered under this scholarship. Institutional Partnership In an attempt to engage more and more stakeholders and preparing intra-institutional and inter-institutional platforms from where the sustainable natural resource conservation and environmental sustainability can be promoted regionally or globally, we invited many academic institutions, international organizations, local councils and NGOs to partner the program. A large number of universities, institutions and organizations have signed MoU to partner in this innovative program. Many more are expected. Interested academic institutions and field-based organizations can approach us for partnership in this international program. Detailed information may be obtained on link https:www.grassrootsglobal.netipa2020call-for-cooperation.html. Individual Engagement The Grassroots Institute is willing to engage with you at individual level too. Please look at the opportunities section http:grassrootsinstitute.netopportunities.html of our website and find out how we may associate. Please circulate among your students our announcement for Online Internships. Please write and submit your articlespapers in our journal http:journals.grassrootsinstitute.netindex.html More Information Team Capacity Building, The Grassroots Institute | [email protected], [email protected] Our Other Program Deadline Extended to 31 March 2020 for Summer Field School & Workshop on Mountain Ecosystems and Resource Management. Please see www.grassrootsglobal.netmer2020

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