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Event ID: MC188044

07th Jun 2021 - 17th Jun 2021

Conference Start Date: 07th Jun 2021

Conference End Date: 17th Jun 2021

Event Type: Workshop

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Deadline for Abstract/Paper Submissions: 14th Feb 2021

Event Organizer: Central European University Summer University Program

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Conference Venue : Budapest n/a,   Hungary

Conference Details : This course brings together people with their own local stories of the struggles and success of people and communities transitioning towards a sustainable energy system. Participants in this course will learn the skills to tell stories and multi-media narratives around energy transitions. The instructors will assist participates in using research methods to identify core transition themes and present these through a multi-media lens, such as articles, podcasts, and stories. The research scaffolding focuses on four cultural dimensions of an energy shift: a every day of communities formed around specific energy generations; b meanings of work, employment and the corporate cultures related to particular energy generations; c symbols of distinct energy generations in institutionalized long-lasting political ideologies; and d notions and arguments regarding justice in energy policies. Those cultural dimensions help to develop sensitivity to complex relational spatiality of a specific energy generation project, to its actors and related policies.     Depending on the epidemiological situation, the course includes fieldtrips to Jiu Valley Romania, as well as to PAKS and Pecs Hungary where travel and accommodation will be covered for all participants. A graduate of this course will be equipped to do case centered and comparative multiscalar urban studies of energy shifts with awareness of conceptual apparatuses needed, ability to identify empirical fields and organise fieldwork, ability to make participatory alliances with local development organizations, urban planning, cultural sector, etc..

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